Sumaiya Essack, Qamar Graduate

The first day I attended Qamar Institute, I sat in a huge group of about 75 ladies, not knowing the plan of my Almighty. It was a wonderful feeling, seeing women of different ages, all gathered here for one purpose, to learn what Allah is telling us. After joining, my heart yearned for each Saturday, to get its weekly dose of peace and contentment. A fire that could only be extinguished by sitting in the very spot you are, listening attentively and absorbing the miracles of the words of the Quran unfold. Weeks became months.

At the end of our first year of lessons, we had to part for the December holidays which seemed so long. How would we get through weeks without our lessons? It was our medium through which we receiveي quran.
Returning for our second year after our break was eventful as the ladies rejoiced on seeing each other. This group of ladies became our close friends, our sisters of Quran. We now share a relationship forged by Allah himself. He has chosen us to complete a Khatam just like He has chosen you to be reading this today. Your name has been called out years before you can ever imagine, to receive this invitation.
I was gifted with Hajj during my 1st year of study at Qamar. Goosebumps were raised and shivers running down my spine as I stood in the Haram, listening to the Imam recite Surah Al Kahf and guess what?! I understood 2 words! I was so excited I could have screamed! Going through Quran, not knowing the meaning and suddenly,  I recognised those 2 words.
From those very words,  my vocabulary expanded and Alhamdulillah today, I have learnt so much
Our teacher once mentioned to us,  the Quran is a love letter from our Rabb. Just as you would treasure your love letter from your beloved. You would keep it in a safe place, look at it, admire it, read it and read it again. The warm feeling inside of you almost envelopes you when you think of your loved one. Now how would you appreciate the love-letter sent from Allah, if you do not understand what Allah says? The Quran is our guide, but how do we follow the directions if it is in a foreign language? Here, my sisters in Islam, here is the starting point. You are here already. The mere fact that Allah has chosen for you to read or hear this, is evidence that He wants good for you. Allah says in a Hadeeth Qudsi: If my servant comes toward me by a hand span, I come towards him by an arm’s length, if he comes towards me by an arm’s length, I come towards him by two arms lengths, and if he walks towards me, I run towards him… (Bukhari)
Take that first step.

April 4, 2021

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