Qamar Institute was born out of the concern for just one woman…

The founder of Qamar Institute, Haafitha Fadwa Solomon, tried to encourage one woman (a friend of hers) to become a student of the meanings of the Quran at the full time institution in their area that offered this, but due to the fact that this woman had very young children, she was not able to take on the full time commitment. Our Qamar founder then took it upon herself to teach this woman, meeting her once a week only, and teaching her all the Arabic and Quran that she knew. This one-on-one sitting soon grew into a class of three women, and one year later, a class of fifty-five women, by the permission of Allah.

The idea came about for the class to be turned into a part- time institution which would facilitate for women to learn the meanings of the Quran in Arabic.

Women would be allowed to understand the meanings of the Quran and would be taken through every single word of it, from every Surah, but in a way that would be easy and manageable for them, by the permission of Allah.

The name Qamar was chosen for the institution after our founder was inspired by Ayah 4 in Surah Yusuf which refers to the mother as the Moon (Qamar in Arabic). This, due to the fact that it was a mother who inspired the Arabic and Quran teachings which now take place on a weekly basis, Alhamdulillah.
What started as a one-on-one sitting, has now reached hundreds of women. Initially, these women were all only from Cape Town but due to sudden lockdown restrictions that were placed on us during 2019 (with the spread of Covid-19), our institution was forced to run online for the very first time, and now reaches women from all across the globe, Alhamdulillah.

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Out of concern for a particular mother who longed to understand the Quran in Arabic but was not able to study it full-time, Qamar Institute, a part time Arabic and Islamic studies institution, was born.

Jannah Training

In response to women who have expressed their longing to see their children walk the path to Jannah, but have no clue where or how to begin, Jannah Training was born

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