Understanding Quran in Arabic 1st year

This course lays the foundation in the Arabic language for all students, including those who have not studied any Arabic before. It deals with the study of the verb in Arabic, it’s basic form, recognition thereof, it’s various changes and how these affect its meaning. Most importantly, the student who applies herself leaves with the ability to recognise these verbs in Quran, and to already start translating them all by herself. The pace is slow and steady, with weekly exercises for those who are serious about the Arabic component of this course. Lessons are presented via PowerPoint presentation, which all students receive copies of after each class.
Running parallel to this is the translation and explanation of selected oft-recited chapters of the Quran, such as Surah Faatiha, Surah Yaseen, Surah Mulk, etc.
Each week students receive one lesson in relation to the Arabic of the Quran and then two lessons in relation to the translation and explanation of selected chapters.
This course serves as a means through which so many women begin to discover the conviction, guidance, healing and inspiration that the Quran has to offer.
It is indeed a door that opens up a whole new world, the kind that so many of our souls long for.

Fridays only

Time: 8.30am – 11.15am (SAST)

Facilitators: Mlh Fadwa Solomon, Mlh Kareema Jassiem, Mlh Fatima Karbary, Dr Ameera Adam

Venue for on-site students: Taronga Road Masjid, Rondebosch East, Cape Town.

Medium for online students: Zoom (all lessons are recorded and made available for students who are unable to join live)

Registration Fee: R400 / 40 USD

Monthly Fee: R500 / 50 USD (Jan – Dec)

  • R400.00 per month
  • 365 Days