Najwa Hamza Stegman, Qamar Graduate

I came to Qamar because I wanted to know what Allah was saying in the Qur’an. I was filled with a desire to know what were the 114 surahs (chapters) that were divided into 30 juz (sections) all about. I didn’t want to leave this Dunya without knowing what it is that my Creator had sent down as a guide and mercy. I wanted to purify my heart and I wanted to love Allah…. By this I mean I loved my Creator  but I wanted to love differently… Love with a bit more knowledge and understanding of who Allah swt is. That was what my heart yearned for.

Subhannah, 4yrs later I, and I’m sure my qamar sisters don’t feel worthy, don’t feel we have done enough and this is but the tip of the iceberg.

So for me, once I made my decision to register, I was beyond excited, eager, feeling that I was on the precipice of amazing discoveries to help me navigate through life on this earth. And subhanallah.. How!  Allah’s words are truly miraculous.. I learnt how to be a better mom, (kinder, gentler, more understanding), from the verses of situations that had arisen with the prophets. I learnt how to be a better wife (a friend, a comfort to my spouse).. From the wives of the prophets and general, overall verses in the qur’an. I hope I have improved in my interactions with family and friends as well in shaa Allah.
The Qur’an taught me so much about how to deal with whatever life deals me subhanallah. I feel empowered that I can go to verses in the Qur’an where I can go and seek comfort or just joyfully reflect and make shukr for all the blessings Allah swt has given me,good and bad. Learning that this dhunya is truly just a test and having the Qur’an assist me in getting through those tests has brought me peace Alhamdulilah.
Just this year, whilst reading the Qur’an, I came across these little gems… 10yrs ago I learnt this dua which maybe many of you have learnt in childhood. I recite it every day when I get into my car and didn’t realize it was a verse in surah Hud (surah 11, verse 41) until I read it… Bismielaa hie maj rei Haa wa mur saa Haa inna rabbi la  gha foe rur Raheem, this was the Dua made by Nabi Nuh (AS), for a safe journey when he was in the Ark.
That hit me for a six. I thought to myself… How could I ever contemplate not learning the words of Allah?

I had made intention to recite a Khatam in Ramadan and came across the dua in surah Taha (20) verse 25-28. Embarrassing to admit, I did not know it was a dua in the Qur’an!
Rabb ishrah li sadri, wa yassirli amri, wah lul uqdatam min li saani, yad qahuu qawli. The Dua of nabi Musa (As), when he proceeded to the court of fir awn to invite him to Islam!
So, ultimately for me, my journey from beginning to end was just me making that small step and having Allah swt open the entire world. May Allah swt grant all of us that our journeys be towards continued striving to be closer to Allah and may Allah keep us on the path of righteousness Ameen thumma Ameen.

Jazakallah Kheiran for giving me the opportunity to share my journey with you.

April 4, 2021

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