Lamees Allie, Qamar Graduate

I have studied at university for 6 years but nothing comes close to what I’ve experienced in just one of my Quran classes….and Allah SWT has blessed me with 4 years of Quran, subhanallah. The difference was that my education impacted my mind, but Quran, Quran impacted and changed my heart. Every lesson was sweeter than the one before. Being the 2nd youngest in my class, my fellow sisters always told me how lucky I am to be learning about Islam at my age as most of my classmates are 40yrs and up. I too considered myself lucky until I realized that this was not luck, nor coincidence, it was only through the mercy of Allah SWT. I am forever grateful to Allah SWT, as I am able to try and implement Quran in my kid’s lives from a young age already. May Allah SWT grant all my dear sisters this opportunity to taste the sweetness of studying the Quran and for those who started, let this only be our beginning inshaa Allah, for I am still a weak slave.

April 4, 2021

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