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Meet our amazing team

Our Facilitators are qualified, experienced teachers of Quran, who have a huge passion for teaching this most beautiful book.
They bring warmth, love, inspiration and knowledge to every session, each with their very own methodology and unique style.

Fadwa Solomon

Founder, Director and Facilitator

Mulliama Fadwa is a Haafitha of the Quran who has completed four years of full time study at Darun Naim Institute of Higher Islamic Learning, Wynberg, and furthered her Islamic studies privately on a part time basis. She has a huge passion for teaching Arabic and understanding of Quran, which has been doing for the past twelve years She is also qualified in Montessori for ages 3-6. She has used her knowledge of Quran combined with her knowledge of early childhood development to initiate the Jannah Training series of workshops for Mothers, to assist women in passing down the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah to their children.

She founded Qamar Institute with the intention of making understanding the Quran in Arabic easy and accessible, mainly for the mothers of our Ummah.

Kareema Jassiem

Course Facilitator

Muallima Kareema completed four years of full time study at the Darun Naim Institute of Higher Islamic Learning. She has also memorised the Quran and completed the ‘Asharah Qira’ãt (the ten different modes of recitation of Quran). She has eight years of experience teaching Arabic and understanding of the Quran and is currently doing her BEd degree via Unisa.

Ameera Adam

Course Facilitator

Muallima Ameera graduated as a medical doctor from Wits University.
She specialized in obstetrics and gynecology at Tygerberg hospital and completed a masters in medicine from Stellenbosch University. Whilst being a medical student and starting her private practice at Constantiaberg Mediclinic,
she studied the Darun Naim part time syllabus under the personal tutorship of Mualima Fadwa Solomon. She was also a student of Qamar Institute for four years and completed a suhba/fellowship program under Sheikh Mukhtar in Istanbul in 2018.

Mlh Rukayya Samsodien

Course Facilitator

Muallima Rukayya memorised the Quran in Cape Town, South Africa, after which she travelled to Damascus, Syria for six years. She received a diploma in Arabic Language and Islamic studies from Abū Nour Institute and continued study at Al-Fatḥ University in the faculty of Sharīʿah. She now holds a degree in Sharīʿah, having graduated therefrom. During her stay in Damascus she received sanad and ijāza in her memorisation of the Qu’rān as well.
She is also accredited as an Arabic – English translator of the High Court of South Africa, and has translated and authored numerous books in the areas of Fiqh and Quran memorization.

Zulfa Bayat

Course Facilitator

Muallima Zulfa completed four years of full time study at the Draun Naim Institute of Higher Islamic Learning and is currently furthering her studies privately.

Fatima Karbary

Course Facilitator

Muallima Fatima is a Haafitha of Quran who has also completed four years of full time study at the Draun Naim Institute of Higher Islamic Learning. She is also a BSc student at Unisa as well as a student at Madina Institute where she is currently doing her B.A degree.

Zainab Bayat

Admin Support

After working in the corporate environment for more than sixteen years, Muallima Zainab became a full time student at the Darun Naim Institute of Higher Islamic Learning where she completed four years of full time study. She has supported various other Islamic institutions administratively and is currently also one of the directors at the Seed Initiative project.

Quick About

Out of concern for a particular mother who longed to understand the Quran in Arabic but was not able to study it full-time, Qamar Institute, a part time Arabic and Islamic studies institution, was born.

Jannah Training

In response to women who have expressed their longing to see their children walk the path to Jannah, but have no clue where or how to begin, Jannah Training was born

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